The Client

The Government Department is the single authority in India across all the states for regulating sports. The authority is responsible for conducting all sports related promotional events run by Government and monitor sports events that are run by private companies. 


  • Being a Government organization and the lack of digital support for many years in the past, made the authority to maintain a large pool of paper records. The amount of records were so huge that multiple storage spaces were dedicated to store the physical paper based records. 
  • The paper based records started deteriorating due to multiple hazards – natural and artificial. Like insects, weather, age of paper etc. 
  • The Authority needed to swiftly take a decision to extend the life of those heaps of records. 

Our Solution

Being a Government Authority, they invited multiple vendors to submit proposals for digitizing their records. 

Upon evaluating the bids, the project to digitize their records was given to Greenbooks Imaging services mainly due to their sound technical proposal. 

The project is so massive. Greenbooks Imaging Services took it upon themselves to complete this project.

By systematically planning, the project was smoothly executed with an optimal infrastructure.


  • Multiple years of old physical records were digitized in less than 90 days. 
  • The space required to store Physical documents was cut by about 60%