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Extend life of your records, Organize for Easy Retrieval & Meet Compliance.

The Digitalization Imperative

The maturity with business processes and the matrixed work environments have increased the amount of documents handled by Organizations, whether they are paper based records or digital records. 

Handling heaps of paper based records puts businesses to disadvantage. 

The need for Digitalisation

  • Paper based records occupy valuable commercial real-estate
  • Paper based records don’t have longer shelf-life 
  • Paper based records can be affected by pests
  • Paper records are vulnerable to water, fire, misty conditions
  • Paper records are not easily searchable
  • Paper records are easily manipulated

Our Digitalization Services

Document Scanning Services

Take the First Step on Your Digital Transformation Journey with secure digital document imaging using high-speed document scanners, document scanning software.

Document Data Capturing

Capture data, classify, and validate key information from paper and electronic business documents to speed up content availability into integral business processes.

Document type Classification

Assign categories or classes to documents to make them easier to manage, search, filter, or analyze to make them more manageable and, ultimately, obtain valuable insights.

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- Co-Founder/CEO of Company Name

“We are with Greenbooks Imaging Services for more than 10 years. They are professional experts when it comes to records digitization. Their team is precise and accountable.”

Client Name

- Co-Founder/CEO of Company Name

“Docuventa – Document Management System is simply amazing. Such a light-weight software that digitizes our paper records in blazing speed and stores on the cloud”

Client Name

- Co-Founder/CEO of Company Name

“We are enjoying cost-saving in the form of gaining our commercial space back and countless savings in terms of improved business productivity across our organisation.”

Our Clients for Digitisation Services

Featured Case Studies

OCR Scanning Services for a IT organisation

The Client The IT Services company is over 20 years old and has been providing IT services and developing IT Products. Their compliance and legal departments have given them a mandate to start digitizing their decade-old physical records to meet growing stringent compliance requirements.    Challenges The client had dedicated spaces in their head quarters […]

Digital records scanning for Sports Authority

The Client The Government Department is the single authority in India across all the states for regulating sports. The authority is responsible for conducting all sports related promotional events run by Government and monitor sports events that are run by private companies.  Challenges Being a Government organization and the lack of digital support for many […]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few questions asked by our clients. Connect with us if you have any specific queries. 

Greenbooks scan all types, sizes, and volumes of documents including business documents, medical records, bound books and lab books.

Document scanning time is dependent upon the quantity and quality of work, output specifications, and the urgency in which deliverables are required.

We can certainly arrange based on your requirement. Scanning Services are specific to the job and may require adequate scanning equipment, 

Yes, apart from providing digitization services we do have our proprietary Document Management Software – Docuventa. We can deploy the solution to manage your scanned digital records.

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