The Client

The IT Services company is over 20 years old and has been providing IT services and developing IT Products. Their compliance and legal departments have given them a mandate to start digitizing their decade-old physical records to meet growing stringent compliance requirements.   


  • The client had dedicated spaces in their head quarters for storing files. The files were of huge numbers and were occupying valuable commercial real-estate. 
  • There were no indexing mechanism to properly categorize and organize records into meaningful patterns.
  • The client did not know how to systematically digitize their records and were trying in-house efforts in an isolated manner.

Our Solution

Upon trying few techniques and strategies the client had now realized that they needed a professional Digitization Services Company to meet their needs. Beyond simply digitizing the records, the client was curious to explore if they can benefit from Optical Character Recognition (OCR ).

Greenbooks Imaging Services was recommended to the client through one of our clients as a trusted records digitization companies in Chennai India. 

We had a discovery session to understand the client’s need for records digitization and a site visit to understand how to plan the logistics.

To meet their timeline, we proposed a dedicated scanning centre at their own premises and recommended the optimal scanning infrastructure to be arranged.

Beyond the records digitization, Greenbooks also committed that they would 

We completed the client’s record digitisation project in less than 45 days. 


  • Decade old physical records were digitized in less than 45 days. 
  • 94% digitization coverage was achieved.
  • OCR technology made it possible to search scanned images by file names and content.
  • The space required to store Physical documents was cut by about 80%