Patient Management Software

Digital Healthcare

Digitize, Process, Store, Secure, and Distribute medical records digitally.

Handle appointments at ease with Practice Management Appointments

Maintain years of patient details digitally by admitting patients, assign rooms, accept payments and print advance receipts.

Add, search and modify Patient Data with complete medical history

Customizable configuration allows you to create and maintain patient records swiftly and serving patients efficiently.

Professional Bills - Digital & Print

Digitize your hospital or clinic billing and generate printed reports like patient registration cards, doctors’ prescription and reports. 

Salient Highlights of Patient Management Software

Access Anywhere

Access your patient management software from anywhere in a secured manner.

Healthcare Compliance

The system helps your hospital and clinic stay compliant with healthcare compliance.

Encrypted Records

Maintain your healthcare records encrypted and secure to operate worry-free.

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Features of PMS


Outpatient Registration


Electronic Medical Reports


Configurable Email Alerts


Appointment Management


Scanning & Indexing


Actionable Admin Dashboard


Doctors' Medical Prescription


Detailed MIS and Reports


Latest Data Backup on Cloud


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We have options to deploy patient management software on-premise and on cloud. Accordingly the pricing differs.

Our pricing plans are highly affordable and flexible. However upon subscribing, we will not refund your subscription fees.

Our patient management software is highly customizable. Let’s discuss to understand your requirement and provide a quote accordingly.

Greenbooks patient management software is our proprietary software. You can get anytime support from our company.

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